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Explainer videos attract and hold your audience’s attention faster and longer than text or audio alone. 

People want things fast. As mentioned in our post, 2022 B2B Social Media Trends being quick and efficient are game changers. Swiftness benefits business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) communications. Your target audience effortlessly receives your impactful message with a click and view. This makes explainer videos a vital tool for streamlining content for your customers.  

What they are best for

As the name suggests, explainer videos are meant to explain something. The explanatory nature of these videos lends them well to business start-ups and expansions, rebranding and re-tooling or introducing products and services. These short videos are customer-facing power tools, but they can function as internal communication for larger organizations undergoing mergers or big system changes. 

Explainer videos build trust by speaking to customers on a personal level in a conversational tone. Clients notice when you try to explain things in a meaningful and engaging way.  

Why you need them

Like many businesses, you probably have a valuable message to convey to your audience that would benefit from a highly engaging delivery. Such as,  

  • You are a new organization and are eager to grow your audience  
  • You want to inform current clients about a new facet of your business  
  • You underwent a rebranding and are keen to share your new mission 
  • You want to stay competitive in your market 

Why they work so effectively

Firstly, they are short, only 1-2 minutes, and are designed to capture attention within seconds. They deliver a concise piece of information that your audience needs to understand something about your brand. That could be a reason mentioned above: to explain new offerings, a recent rebranding or how a merger will affect them. 

Explainer videos are exceptional for establishing tone. Depending on your message and brand needs, you can make them fun and humorous or informative and serious. 

Producing your explainer video

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Whether you team up with production specialists or attempt a project independently, there are a few production steps to consider. Most importantly, have a clear purpose or concept; this keeps your video focused, aligned with your brand and moving in the right direction.     

Next, craft a compelling script. Aim for 1–2-minutes long and use language and terminology your target audience will relate with your brand. Keep it personal and conversational.   

Once your script is finalized, sketch out a storyboard. At this stage, you add visuals to see your script translated into action frames. Pen and paper are easy and low-tech, but you can use apps like Storyboarder or StudioBinder.  

Finally, develop your production. Both RawShorts and Renderforests are the top choices for explainer video software, according to Webdew. With these tools, you can produce whiteboard videos, 3D animation, motion graphics and more. 

To sum up

The value of explainer videos is how effortlessly your target audience receives your core message. For instance, instead of spending their valuable time reading emails or blogs, they get your message in 90 engaging seconds!  

If you need help tackling your explainer video, Jester would love to help with the process!