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I know, I know. “You’re marketers, designers, former television producers, teachers… but journalism?” Hear us out. Journalists are some of the best writers and editors in the world, and writers from every discipline should pay attention. A few years ago, I took an online…


“I’m getting married.” A wisp of hickory smoke rose lazily from my decanter. I was about to taste the second-best Old Fashioned I’ve ever tried.  Sue was eyeing her own decanter, preparing to try the same drink. Jen and Tony had fancy cocktails too,…

Marketing, Storytelling

Marketing personas need to draw from research and real client interactions, capturing mindsets and emotions instead of trivia and census data.

Digital Storytelling, Marketing, Storytelling

There is a very simple explanation for why marketing works.  Human nature. And it’s a good thing, too.  If our brains weren’t capable of taking shortcuts and making rapid calculations below the surface of our awareness, we’d do nothing and be nowhere. We’d be…

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