You may have heard the phrase “repurposing content” while floating around the internet — but what does it mean; what are its benefits; and how is it done?

What does repurposing content entail?

several desktop windows representing various types of content

Before we dive into what repurposing content is, let’s discuss what it is not. Repurposing content does not mean taking an old piece of copy and simply re-releasing it so to speak. It also does not mean that all we’re doing is lightly editing the content to change it up just enough.

To repurpose content means to both reformat it, and change the target audience for which it was originally intended. This could mean creating an infographic based on gathered statistics, turning a blog post into a podcast; or pulling social media posts out of an eBook, making bits and pieces of that information more accessible.

If you were thinking that repurposing content is inherently lazy — you’re wrong.

The Perks of Repurposing Content

  1. It saves time

Perhaps most obviously, repurposing content helps save time — and time is money in marketing! Not only that, but if your organization is struggling to put out fresh content on a regular basis, repurposing content can help fill out your channels and give the impression that you’re putting out fresh content regularly. And no, that’s not a bad thing!

  1. It improves your reach

As we discussed in our The Importance of Omnichannel Marketing blog, the more diverse your content is and the more channels that you’re on, the better! By repurposing content, we can easily provide a variety of different channels with meaningful content that will help attract, retain, and enge your customers.

  1. It helps with your SEO efforts

One of the many strategies of SEO optimization is the volume of content that you have online, and generally, more equals better for the health and effectiveness of your businesses SEO strategy. By repurposing content, we can produce multiple pieces of content from one, thereby increasing our reach, upping our content quantity, and making it easier for potential customers to find us online.

At Jester, we’re no strangers to top-notch content repurposing — videos, blogs, graphics… you name it! For information on what we offer, visit our What We Do tab!