Letting your idea simmer in secrecy will spoil the tea. Here’s an idea: don’t shroud your next big idea in secrecy.  A common mistake that most start-ups make is to fiercely guard the big idea from as many people as they can. It is…


The importance of choosing your brand colours and their impact on your audience  You’re at a crossroads. On one end you see a gas station, and its roof is red. It reminds you of the empty sign on your car’s dashboard. You need a refill….

Digital Storytelling, Marketing, Social

Why you should tactfully manage your brand reputation  Managing brand reputation can sound quite daunting, but it can be as simple as writing content for this blog informing you, the audience, about something important regarding the industry on a website that works smoothly and…

Branding, Marketing

Ethos, Pathos and Logos – Your tools for a successful campaign Advertising and marketing rely heavily on Aristotle’s three techniques of rhetoric – ethos, pathos and logos. You have experienced one or all of them while watching, reading or listening to an advertisement. According…

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