“I’m getting married.”

A wisp of hickory smoke rose lazily from my decanter. I was about to taste the second-best Old Fashioned I’ve ever tried. 

Sue was eyeing her own decanter, preparing to try the same drink. Jen and Tony had fancy cocktails too, something with grapefruit and the other with more cherries than alcohol, as I recall. 

It was a special occasion, after all.

Jester turned 20 this year.

We chose the perfect time to celebrate, too — Al’s Steakhouse was all but empty.

Jen and Sue eyed a booth a few paces away.

“That’s where you told us, remember?” said Jen.

This was the second celebration Team Jester had enjoyed over lunch at Al’s. A few months earlier, Tony shared the amazing news of his and Ross’s engagement. 

Months later, and even after 20 years poured into Jester, you can still see in their eyes which celebration Sue and Jen treasured more.

And the reason why is what today’s post is all about.

Celebrate the Wins That Matter

A celebration is a story retold.

And we share stories for the experiences they let us relive.

That’s not a figure of speech — we now know our brains recreate the sensory experiences of a well-told story as if we were there.

By reading this far, you got to share with our team in the joy of two very special moments. And we’re glad to have you. 

So tell your stories, and choose well.

The Power of Storytelling

Stories connect you to your clients, and your clients to each other. 

A few posts ago, we talked about how inspiring stories unleash waves of chemicals in our bodies, some of which create feelings of trust and connection between us, the storyteller, and our fellow listeners.

And the most inspiring stories celebrate change, the life-defining turning points that alter our destinies forever. Change makes us curious, draws us in, because we all want to know how to transform, how to survive, and how to thrive in this chaotic, wild, beautiful world we call home.

So celebrate your wins, your milestones, your achievements. But treasure the deep and personal stories you experience together above all others.

Those are the stories that tell your clients who you are, not just what you sell, and on some level, every one of your clients needs to want to be part of your story.

When it comes to the stories you tell about your products, you need to sell change, not features. You need to celebrate the victories your products and services bring others, in their own words. The quality of your offers will speak for itself.

And that’s it for now.

We’ll have more stories to tell, and more tidbits on the power of stories themselves, soon enough.

Oh, and for those in Ottawa: Al’s Steak Sandwich = Out. Of. This. World.