1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) It’s no surprise that AI is becoming increasingly popular throughout many facets of technology. So, it makes sense that marketers are taking advantage of AI technology, too. A great example of marketing-centred AI that is widely used today is chatbots….

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Brand storytelling is a ubiquitous strategy that has been used to market products and services since the dawn of business. But with digital forms of communication ever-so-popular, and customers having instant and unabating access to information at all times, it has become more important…


Strong and effective marketing strategies start with a solid foundation. Like anything, outlining exactly what you need, your expectations, and your budget will help you build up an unshakable plan that will deliver. Here are some tips to help get you started: What are…


A lot happens on the internet every second, in fact, there’s a website dedicated to visualizing the output volume of some of the internet’s most popular destinations and activities like Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and more. For example, did you know that there…

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