Web Design

“if you are an Ottawa based professional Barbie’s Dreamhouse builder and you have a website advertising your services, then you are going to want to use the words “Ottawa” and “Barbie’s Dreamhouse” on your website.”


Human beings are social creatures. We love getting out there and mixing it up with some randoms! Okay, maybe not EVERY human loves rando maxing, but each and every one of us craves connection. It’s a part of our evolutionary development; we don’t fare…

Social Media

I think it’s safe to say, by now, most companies understand that cultivating a strong social media presence is a necessity. A recent survey by the IPSOS Open Thinking Exchange showed that 18 to 34 year-olds are spending 3.8 hours per day on social…


Humans have used brands as a way to distinguish themselves for over 4000 years. The practise of branding is believed to have begun with the ancient Egyptians, who began branding their livestock as early as 2,700 BCE. Simply put, a brand is a tool…

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