20 Questions with Jennifer Cartier, Creative Director

In the next instalment of our 20 questions feature, we find out what there is to know about Jen, our fearless Creative Director.

  1. Do you have a nickname? Not that I respond to
  2. Hometown? Toronto aka The Six
  3. Dog or Cat? Dog (#hunterthewonderdoodle)
  4. First car? Cutlass Ciera (often mistaken for a taxi)
  5. Favourite sport? Paddling and gymnastics
  6. Play or watch? I watch my kids compete in paddling and gymnastics.
  7. Dream job (other than current)? I have been known to enjoy renovation and design.
  8. Greatest invention in the last 20 years? The iPhone
  9. Vacation – relaxation or adventure? Relaxation with adventurous cuisine.
  10. Most famous person you have met? Wayne Gretzky. Infamous-Monica Lewinsky
  11. Favourite band/musician? I couldn’t pick just one.
  12. What is your superpower? Intuition. I can smell bullshit from a distance.
  13. Favourite food? I ❤ Thai food
  14. Favourite quote? “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein
  15. Hobby or sport? Is online shopping a hobby or sport? I’m really good at it.
  16. Favourite scent? Coco Noir
  17. Favourite colour? Black isn’t a colour, so pink.
  18. Winter or Summer? Winter for fashion and summer for everything else.
  19. Mac or PC? Mac for work, PC for my kids to play games on.
  20. Shoes or bare feet? Bare feet whenever possible/appropriate. I’m barefoot right now
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