Empowered Networks

Fractional Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Video, Podcasts and Animation, Website Design, Development and Maintenance
Empowered Networks
Client Empowered Networks Inc.
Category Website Design, Development and Maintenance
Year 2016 - 2022
Website sync.empowerednetworks.com

Optm, formerly known as Empowered Networks, is a multinational technology company with a team of more than 350 employees. Optm connects talent, processes, and technology to combine employee-aware and workflow-aware observability with enhanced security to drive better business outcomes.


Long before they were Optm, we built, managed, and maintained Empowered Networks’ two large and complex WordPress websites with a goal to drive traffic and create a smooth, seamless customer experience. And when they rebranded under the name Optm, we continued to develop and maintain their new build. In addition to managing and maintaining their websites, we assisted them with the rebranding and editing of their downloadable eBooks and Case Studies to ensure an even smoother transition to the new name.