Branding and
Digital Marketing

Digital strategy and brand development are our specialties. Whether you need guidance, content, or comprehensive brand design, we’ve got you covered.

With over 30 years of experience in marketing, we’ve literally witnessed the birth of the digital age in which we now live. Having evolved alongside it, we know the best ways to reach and engage the audience you’re after.

Through the development and implementation of creative digital strategies, campaigns, and branding assets (i.e. logo design), we can help connect you to your target audience.

Past Branding and Digital Marketing Projects

WineKitz Ottawa

WineKitz Ottawa was a make-and-bottle-your-own-wine business right here in Ottawa. Throughout their operation, we provided expert consulting and digital strategy development services.

WineKitz Ottawa Branding and Digital Marketing
Public Safety Canada

Various Canadian Government departments have been long-time clients of Jester. For Public Safety Canada, we developed a comprehensive digital strategy for a new campaign they were running.

Public Safety Canada Branding and Digital Marketing