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Responsive Web Sites

Design, architecture, development

Your web site is your home base and should be a reflection of you and your business. Not only should it be beautiful, but it should also be technically sound and useable, with content that allows you to be found and heard. Our web experts have decades of experience building gorgeous responsive sites for all types of businesses.

Your perfect web site starts with knowing your business goals and what you want your site to do for you. Our expertise in creative direction and design will then bring your vision to life.

Whether it's a complete site overhaul or a few simple tweaks, we'll get you set up with an expertly designed WordPress site or Shopify e-commerce site that has great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content that grabs and holds the attention of your audience.

Put your web site design and development needs into Jester's hands and we'll make sure your story sings.

Branding and Creative Services

Brand Identity, Storytelling, Creative Content


Who you are is so much more than just a logo (although we do that too!). Your brand identity is the story of your business. Jester's team of branding and creative wizards will help you dig deep into who you really are and uncover the true essence of what you want to present to the world. We will make sure your brand is clear and consistent across all communications channels. From logo design to the creation of innovative, immersive multi-media content for digital and social platforms, we will help you build your reputation and brand through creative content. Let us tell your story through social and web curation, corporate writing and editorial services, advertising and marketing collateral, photography, and video production.

Digital and Social Strategy

Attract, engage, convert, retain

We've been doing digital since the very beginning. As the industry was born, and as it has evolved, Jester has been there every step of the way. We apply more than 30 years of experience in traditional marketing to the digital world in which we now live. We will help you reach and activate the right audiences through the development, implementation and evaluation of creative digital and social strategies and campaigns. We also conduct environmental scans, monitoring stakeholder communications and social conversations to help you keep your finger on the pulse of issues and events that may affect your business. We can even take on digital advertising and public relations campaigns, SEO, photography and video production.

Your online and offline presence is in great hands with Jester.


Educate, inspire, expand

We are really good at this stuff and you can be too!

Our team has decades of training experience at the post-secondary and corporate level. We train individuals and groups from the public, private and non-profit sector on a wide variety of topics, from social media to WordPress and Shopify, from beginner to advanced levels. Review our training offerings below and get started on your path to learning today.

Research and Analysis

Monitor, listen, analyze, engage

Whether or not you are aware of it, people are talking about and forming an opinion of your brand on social media. Jester specializes in listening, monitoring and analyzing how your customers/audience/community perceive you/your brand/your products/your services.  Armed with this knowledge, we will provide strategic communications counsel, and create an integrated, robust communications plan to maximize audience engagement.

Course Offerings

Have a look through the wide variety of training that we offer. Don't see what you need here? No problem! We are happy to customize our training just for you!

Intro to Social Media

Social media is everywhere these days. Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram…it seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing the impact social media is having on our society. But social media is about so much more than just the tools. Not only do you need to know the ins and outs of how they work, but it’s vitally important to understand how to communicate effectively with them. Successful businesses and organizations know this, and are able to develop comprehensive social media strategies that can give them a real competitive advantage. If you’re looking to brush up on your social media skills, or just find out more about how social media can work for you and your business or organization, then our Intro to Social Media course is perfect for you.

Creating Compelling Online Content

Social media and digital marketing is about a lot more than tweeting and Facebooking. If you’re going to be successful, you need to develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy. But what types of content options are available? What if you’re not a video expert, or haven’t ever recorded a podcast before? What photo sharing sites are best? Do e-Books and webinars have a place in the marketing of your organization? This course will help you get your feet on the ground when it comes to developing compelling online content. From blogging to podcasting, video to webinars, and e-Books to photo sharing, you’ll get familiar with various types of content, and learn some best practices for making quality content. Not only that, but you’ll learn to develop a strategic approach to creating online content, so you can create the write content, on the right channel, to communicate to the right audience.

Social Media Measurement

Solid social media strategies are a combination of goals, tactics, and measurements. The measurement piece can be tricky – analytics tools offer a LOT of information and it’s not always easy to decipher. Measuring social media is about much more than just looking at the numbers though. Knowing how those numbers relate to your business goals and understanding your Return on Investment (ROI) is key to effectively demonstrating success (or failure) in your social media strategy. Our Social Media Measurement course is designed for people who want to gain a competitive edge with their social media activities, and take their social strategies to the next level.

Social Media for Small Business

These days, smart business owners know the importance of social media in marketing their business. However, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Should you create a blog? A Facebook page? Get involved with Twitter? And how do you make the most of these tools, while still managing to work on your business? This course is designed specifically for small-to-medium sized business owners and their teams. You’ll learn the value of social media in marketing your business, and develop a strategy that is based on your business objectives. You’ll become more familiar with the tools, not only how to use them but how to use them to communicate well. Additionally, we’ll look at some ways you can manage your social media marketing efforts efficiently, through collaborative and time saving tools and techniques.

Writing for the Web

Content is king, and great writing is key to your online marketing success. In this course, you’ll learn to write Web content that is compelling, concise and searchable, identify the fundamentals of creating a structured online article, create content that’s optimized for search engines (SEO), identify techniques for writing quality content that will help you rise above the crowd, create a practical plan for your content, and design Web content to meet your specific business goals.

Creating and Maintaining a WordPress Web Site

WordPress is one of the leading Content Management Systems (CMS) available today. It’s free, easy to use and really scalable, so your web site can grow with your business! This introductory level course will show you everything you need to know to get started with creating a WordPress site. You’ll get hands-on experience working on the WordPress platform and walk away with the confidence to get your own basic site up and running. In this course you will learn how to: Identify what type of WordPress installation is best suited to your needs; Create and set up a WordPress website and blog; Create and edit pages and posts; Manage users and comments; Customize your site with themes, widgets and plug-ins; Maintain your site and keep it up to date.

Working with Shopify

Just like WordPress, Shopify is a wildly popular content management system, but with a focus on sellable products as the primary content. As such, it offers an expandable suite of tools and functionality to help you manage your digital or physical product inventory. This introductory course will show you how to navigate the Shopify admin dashboard, storefront themes, and plugins (known as apps). Shopify takes care of hosting, maintenance and updates on the back end. We’ll show you how you can wow your customers at the storefront. In this course, you will learn how to: install and configure storefront themes; install and configure apps; add and manage products, posts and pages; add and manage sales channels; configure dashboard options.

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