Team Jester

Jennifer Cartier

Jennifer Cartier

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Jen brings creativity and personality to every project we do. She has a keen eye for design and lends her decades of expertise to all of our marketing projects.

Hometown: Toronto

Alma Mater: Carleton University

Beverage of choice: Coffee and Red Wine are in a dead heat.

Super Powers: I see things the way they should look, and how they actually look, simultaneously. I am who you want by your side in a crisis.

Susan Murphy

Susan Murphy

Co-Founder, Content Specialist

Sue has more than 25 years of experience as a marketer and trainer. From project management to writing and everywhere in between, she keeps our clients happy.

Hometown: Ottawa

Alma Mater: Loyalist College, Algonquin College

Beverage of choice: Morning - coffee Evening - Jester Shiraz

Super Powers: I can keep all the balls in the air. Able to leap tall stacks of online content in a single bound.

Tony Gamble

Tony Gamble

Digital Everything Guy

Tony is Jester's digital everything guy. He's a master web developer, video producer and all around Jesterizer who also lends his musical talent and writing skills to the team.

Hometown: Alaska, PEI

Alma Mater: Algonquin College

Beverage of choice: chocolate milk

Super Powers: Able to pull a melody out of thin air. Professional WordPress wrestler.

Colin Murphy

Colin Murphy


Colin is the newest addition to the Jester team. His unique voice and Newfie whit make him a talented wordsmith. He specializes in content creation and social media management.

Hometown: St. John's, NL

Alma Mater: Algonquin College

Beverage of choice: Unknown (he's so mysterious)

Super Powers: Can find just the right words to make people laugh or cry or sit on the edge of their seats. I also always win at rock paper scissors!

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