Throwback Thursday – Apple IIc

  Even after the Mac was released, the Apple II line didn't end. Here is a sleek little Apple IIc with 80-column display capability, built-in floppy drive and carry handle.

Throwback Thursday – Macintosh SE

It looked like the original revolutionary Macintosh, but this SE sports an ample 4 Megabytes of RAM and a whopping 20 Megabyte hard disk for storage!  

Throwback Thursday – Windows 3.1

    It was the operating system that brought the Macintosh (and Xerox Star) ease of use to the common desktop PC. This particular box came with 5.25" floppies inside.

Throwback Thursday – Commodore 64

It holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the most units sold of any single computer in history. The Commodore 64 was Tony's introduction into the world of programming.

The First Betamax   We've come a long way in home recording in a very short time. I still own a Beta machine, one of the top-loading models.

TetraBox Light by Ed Chew

Looking for some ultra cool lighting for your next video? Take a page from designer Ed Chew.

Honey, I Shrunk The Computer!

We love our Macs at Jester Creative, and who could resist this ultimate mini-retro model, a fully functional 68k Mac clone built from a Raspberry Pi.

Cosmic Blossom

Are you ready for 'Cosmic Blossom' !? This Spring, Louis Vuitton renews its creative collaboration with Takashi Murakami, the celebrated Japanese Neo-Pop artist behind such cult reinterpretations of Monogram canvas as Monogram Cerise, Eye Love Monogram, Monogramouflage and, of course, Monogram Multicolore.

Primary Desk by Nathan Young

"I think at times like these, people tend to go back to the past to seek some solace," says Nathan Yong. And with one look at his Primary Desk (2010), it's clear that this designer is ready to take us there.

Pierrick Sorin: Peep-Art Pioneer

“Une vie bien remplie” at the Fonderie Darling presents French artist Pierrick Sorin’s variations on the auto-filmages that granted him attention in the late 1980s. These short film and video works show the artist executing a series of everyday activities and mundane rituals; performed with slapstick theatricality, they are as grotesque as they are banal.

Yoshimoto Cube

Naoki Yoshimoto invented the Yoshimoto Cube when he was searching for a way to divide a cube equally. The result is a peculiar polyhedral dyad consisting of eight interconnected cubes that can be divided in multiple ways. The cube can be divided into two cubes and then transformed into two rhombuses, one silver, and the other gold, each with 12 faces. With its endless transformations, this cube makes a great toy for children, as well as an intriguing desktop puzzle. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

New York City in a Bag

As irresistible to adults as it is to children, MUJI's New York in a Bag comes with eight wooden city structures and six wooden cars. Included are New York City icons such as MoMA's original 1939 building, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the Guggenheim Museum. The wood is from sustainable forests. Recommended for ages 12 and up.


Create endless ‘pop-sibilities’ with fruit, yogurt or ice cream with these playful pops, made for entertaining with sweet imagination. Mix, match and build to your taste for a friendly fleet of frozen flavors sure to delight old and young Popsicle enthusiasts alike.


The new campaign for “Decoded”, the memoir by the hip-hop/entrepreneurJay-Z, promises to be an unseen in the world of advertising. For the launch of his autobiography, Jay-Z partnered with Bing and (one of ) the best creative agency on the market Droga5.


How amazing and precise are Diem Cheu Crayola sculptures! Vietnam native Cheu’s combines common mediums and common means to create delicate totems made out of Crayola!! Wow…

The soccket is a soccer ball that captures energy with every kick. Fifteen minutes of play produces three hours of light.

Part of the Members Project from American Express and TakePart.Thd Soccket captures energy from kicking, dribbling and throwing. Kids can play a game, then bring the ball home and charge a LED lamp, cell phone or battery. Check it out here.

A Prius-Inspired Bike Has Mind-Controlled Gear Shifting

Hyperefficient design, an EEG-powered helmet -- what's not to like?

Barry McGee Installation

VIDEO: Commissioned installation by Barry McGee for Reopening of the Oakland Museum of California's Gallery of California Art.

Remix Magazine: Limited Edition 3-D Magazine

Don’t adjust your screens….the image is supposed to look like that! Lifestyle magazine Remix recently teamed up with New Zealand photographer Garth Badger on a 3-D fashion shoot. The cover is in 3-D, as is an editorial feature (cover and one page from featured above).

Christian Louboutin Leopard Sneakers Fall/Winter 2010

Have a look at the Rantus Orlato high top Leopard sneaker from the Christian Louboutin Men Fall/Winter 2010 Collection.

Missoni x San Pellegrino Limited Edition Bottle

By now a fashion brand getting together with a water brand is not entirely new anymore. We have seen Evian work with many designers over the years. Now Italian brand San Pellegrino is also getting into the game and presents a collaboration with Italian fashion house Missoni.

Medicom Mickey Mouse “Roen” Collection Figures

Medicom continues to work with Disney and Japanese brand Roen on special edition version of the iconic Mickey Mouse character.

Loomstate Organic Soccer Balls

Purveyors of eco-friendly fashions, Loomstate, has you covered so you won’t have to sacrifice style while playing a little footsy.

Nous Sommes x Karl Lagerfeld

Parisian brand Nous Sommes created a pendant featuring the face of Karl Lagerfeld… and here he is wearing it!

Superga x DC Comics Sneakers

As part of their collaboration with DC Comics, colette has invited Italian footwear maker Superga to produce comic heroe themed sneakers. The sneakers come in the iconic colors of each respective superheroe with further branding all-over the sneaker.

Introducing: Rosena Sammi Jewellery

Attorney turned designer Rosena Sammicreated her signature collection in 2006 following a longtime appreciation for vintage jewelry handed down from generations of women in her family. The jewelry collection reflects her Sri Lankan Tamil background as well as her New York City woman flair.

YSL Site Relaunch

The ever-iconic Yves Saint Laurent relaunched its site on May 12 along with a fresh assortment of products, which have not yet been shown in boutiques. Gold metallics are featured here and on the next page, but they’re also available in patent-leather red and leopard.

Dollfie Gathering Images by Danny Choo

Japanese culture expert, photographer and Dollfie collector Danny Choo just posted up images from a Dollfie Twitter Gathering which took place last November. Not exactly a recent even, but no less fascinating as it relates to the dolls’ details and fashion statements.

Quand Jim se Relaxe by Matali Crasset

This unusual chair and ottoman set was designed by Matali Crasset for French firm Domeau & Perez. Leather wrapped foam makes up the seat and back rest, spaced by the slatted base. The spacing of the pads gives depth to the design, which would otherwise be more than a touch flat.

Video | Laura Keeble: For the Love of Art

Laura Keeble produces some of the most inventive art dealing with popular culture and branding. Gestalten gets her thoughts and story in their latest podcast.

Lolli-Pop by Massimo Gammacurta

Bis Publishers presents the latest conceptual project by photographer Massimo Gammacurta. Beginning with online distribution of brand inspired sweets, Lolli-Pop transforms brand icons into ephemeral treats.

Jason Neufeld | Designer

Based in Brooklyn, NY, designer Jason Neufeld delivers some charming, functional product and furniture.

Frederick C. Robie House by Frank Lloyd Wright

Drawing from a number of photographic sources (including Columbia University), the piece highlights the winning balance of public and private spaces in the home.

Toilet Very Chic

Ever imagined the fashion world’s most chic and powerful sitting on a toilet? Check out Toilet Very Chic!

EIZO 2010 Calendar – X-Ray Pin-Ups

Extremely cool X-Ray pinup calendar!

Knitted Nike Sneakers

These knitted sneakers may not be waterproof, but they are sure cool!

Disney for Cappellini

This isn't just any old Mickey Mouse furniture!

John Baldessari: Recycling Images

Artist John Baldessari discusses issues of re-appropriating images and recycling.

Levi’s E-Shop

Marcel Wanders Tulip Chair

This gorgeous and funky tulip chair would look great in my living room!

Prefab Houses

Amazing pre-fab houses from around the world!

Andy Deck Screening Circle

Andy Deck is an Internet artist, consistently pushing the applications and possibilities of the web as a portal for art. His Screening Circle was commissioned in by the Whitney and Tate Online.

TateShots Edinburgh: Nathan Coley

Tate Channel’s Edinburgh special continues with part 2, featuring site specific installation artist Nathan Coley.

Bike By Me

Build your own bike!

Music – Drake Featuring Jay-Z – Light Up

Two of our favourite artists, in one place! Music - Drake Featuring Jay-Z - Light Up

Lagerfeld Cola Display Featuring Tokidoki!

Odds + Ends, Bits + Pieces

Rejuvenation through recycled objects. Odds + Ends, Bits + Pieces

Phaidon Design Classics iPad Edition

Design history - right on your iPad. Phaidon Design Classics iPad Edition

Umbra Magatable Coffee Table

Lego Studio Table

This is our kind of furniture!

Converse Jack Purcell Glitter Pack

Sparkly shoes....need we say more?

Darcel visits the Louis Vuitton Maison London

We love Louis Vuitton!

Rafa Nadal and the Best Sports Picture You’ll See All Day

Incredible! Original post:

10 Simple Ways to Be More Green in the Kitchen Since Earth Day is this Thursday, it's a great time to make a conscious effort to be more green in the kitchen...

OVETTO RECYCLED RECYCLING BIN What a fantastic and attractive way to recycle!

Mash Up – Girlfriend in Africa (JayZ and Toto) Jay-Z and Toto Mash-up. Jester LOVES mash-ups!

KitchenAid Artisan 5

Cool Bar Cocktail Table Side table and Cooler in One

Colorful Spots!

Balloon Chair

Balloon Chair (Affiliate Link)

Amoeba Chaise

Amoeba Chaise (Affiliate Link)

Aluminum Wall Stag

Aluminum Wall Stag (Affiliate Link)

Adena Ethanol Biofuel Fireplace

Aviva Fitness Ball Chair

Nike: Take it to the next level – Director’s Cut Amazing Nike soccer ad, by Guy Ritchie.

Diet Dr.Pepper Zero calories has never tasted so good!

The New PUMA Fuseproject Packaging How much negative impact can one shoe box have? Check this out. Yay PUMA!!!!!

NMCA: Magazine Cover Archive This is just cool to look at.

Kidrobot Black We would love to have this staring at us while we work.

Amanda Wachob Tattoo We love the beautiful work or this amazing tattoo artist

Ghost Chair for Kids We have always loved the Ghost Chair, now it is available in a kid friendly size.

National Gallery of Canada If you are looking for an excuse to visit Ottawa this summer...

Beats by Dr.Dre The music on my iPod has never sounded better.

Liberty Hotel Beautiful, spotless, contemporary, fun, the perfect hotel.  The prison theme is fun, the "Do Not Disturb" signs say "Solitary Confinement".

Scribble Press We thought this was a very cool idea for kids, but then we realized that we would love to do it too.

Ace of Spades Champagne

This is Jay-Z's favourite champagne, and now it is Jester's favourite too.

DTV™ Interface with Water-Conserving Functionality

Cue Play DJ iPhone App If you have ever thought that you were meant to "spin", check this out.

DoGood We love how easy it is to "Do Good"!

Bluehost link) Great web hosting, great customer service, and inexpensive too!

Adobe Adobe CS5, because it has features to drool at! Content-aware fill anyone!?

iHome Audio Little speakers... Big sound!

Thief Designs – Turn Coffee Somewhat strange to look at and multifunctional!

Tao Restaurant Delicious food and a fabulous decor.

Best 10 wines under $10

AMAZING Linkin Park & Jay-Z feat Paul McCartney Numb/Encore Jay-Z, Linkin Park and Paul McCartney on the same stage = recipe for awesomeness.

Flat Fitty presents Design A Cap Series Volume#1 If you can't find the perfect hat, why not create your own?

Phaidon Design Classics

BELIEVE THE HYPE! Miami "Curated by Dustin Orlando and held in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District at Eazy Street Gallery, Believe the Hype! Miamiopens on Saturday April 10th 2010. The show features some of the most relevant up and coming contemporary artists and designers in the U.S."  

Stardoll If you are looking to pass the time and loved the paper dolls of the past, enjoy!

Grace Jones We have loved and feared Grace Jones since the '80s!

iPad Magazine Art Direction We love magazines and can't wait to read them on the iPad!

Stonemill Bakehouse They make delicious, super healthy bread with yummy organic whole grains and no preservatives, they are a Canadian company, and best of all, their products are made with 100% green power - baked exclusively using electricity from certified wind and low-impact water power.

12ozProphet Presents… Futura x Yankees x Nike This is a cool video about collaboration, fashion and pure passion- “In case you don’t already know, Futura is a massive baseball fan and has frequently collaborated with Nike over the years, so bringing him on board once again for this latest Be True installment was a natural fit. The result is a capsule collection released by Nike Sportswear in cooperation with the New York Yankees. The collection is inspired by a genuine love for sport and showcases an entirely new remix of Yankees graphics, slogans and iconography released on both apparel and footwear.”
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