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by Tony Gamble

Tony's Tech Tips - Premiere Pro HelpToday’s tips go out to all those talented content creators out there who are struggling with their stubborn-as-a-mule Premiere Pro application. Recently, a friend of mine discovered that his Premiere Pro CS5 would refuse to launch, stalling or crashing altogether at the splash screen. Some search results had him believe that one must either re-install Premiere Pro or, even more time-consuming, re-install his copy of Windows. To that I say STOP! First, let me fill you in on some much simpler methods to try to get your application up and running smoothly again.


Premiere Pro’s Dirty Laundry

It may be that the preferences to Premiere Pro have become suitably borked. For the majority of applications, a small file is written any time you tick a settings box or move a window. Occasionally, this file can become messed up for whatever reason (such as the application shuts down before the latest state has been written to the file). In Windows, you can reset this file to its defaults by deleting the folder:

\Users\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro

On the Mac, you’ll need to hold down the Option key and from the Finder menu, click Go and select library. Then Trash the folder:

/Application Support/Adobe/Premiere Pro/x.0 (where ‘x’ is your version number)

and the file:


The next time you start up the application, whole new preferences files will be written with the default settings.

Firewall Frenzy

Allow Premiere Pro to connect to others

Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop… they all work together seamless as a Creative Suite package, and to do this they use a virtual network connection of sorts that can trigger an unwanted action in a number of Firewalls. I’m told that the built-in Windows Firewall (and I suspect the Security & Privacy Firewall in Mac OS X) will not interfere with such a connection, since it merely loops back to your own computer. To allow your firewall to pass information between applications, you’ll need to make sure there is an exception set to allow “outgoing TCP/IP to” (see this page from Microsoft on how to do this in Windows 7). In the case of Premiere Pro, you’ll need to do this for ‘Adobe Premiere Pro.exe’, ‘Adobe QT32 Server.exe’, ‘dynamiclinkmanager.exe’ and ‘PProHeadless.exe’, because all of these applications work together by passing information to each other (on Mac OS X, the same can be done for the app equivalents). If you had to add the rule, log out. Log back in and restart the Application to see if your issue has been fixed.

It should be noted that if you’re behind a router in your home (those marvellous devices which allow our laptops, phones and game consoles to use the same network), you’re already behind a hardware firewall and, if suitably un-paranoid, can turn off the Windows or Mac Firewall altogether.


Afraid of Itself

If your problem seems to be only appearing after you had previously closed down the application, and a restart seems to clear it up until the next attempt to open it a second time, you might be able to save yourself reboot by killing a process in your Task Manager (Activity Monitor on the Mac). It seems that if Premiere Pro didn’t shut down correctly, it could be still running in the background. Try to launch it again, and it shrieks at the sight of itself. In the Task Manager under the Process tab, look for ‘Adobe Premiere Pro.exe’ and right-click on it to select ‘End Process Tree’. In Activity Monitor, click once on ‘Adobe Premiere Pro CSx’ (where ‘x’ is your version number) and then once on the big, red Quit Process button. If a Quit doesn’t work, try Force Quit.

Now, it could very well be that none of these steps will work for some of you. It stands to reason that the more interdependent these application suites come to be, the easier it is to make them jump off a clip time and again. In this case, a nice re-install from the DVD could well be your last resort. Uninstall the existing suite of applications, reboot your PC or Mac, and load up the original install discs for a blissful, two-hour session of progress meters. You could, of course, just uninstall and rebuild the Premiere Pro application, but if it turns out that one of the linked applications was causing the issue, this could save you any additional 2-hour sessions.

Have you managed to fix your Adobe CS application in a different way? I’d like to hear about it. Message me on Twitter @trinzitter or leave a comment in the box below.

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