How to Run EasyRotator in Safari

by Tony Gamble

generic-websiteJust about every website you visit today has some kind of rotator or slider, a collection of large banner images that appear in succession. There are a number of WordPress plugins available to offer this functionality, and many themes even come with it built-in. The one plugin I recommend the most is called EasyRotator, from It’s powerful and easy to use and comes with a nice selection of beautiful templates. Installing it requires a bit more than just adding the plugin to your WordPress site, however. The price you pay for a well-design rotator creation wizard is that you must also be willing to install a helper application on your computer. This helper app is built on Adobe’s AIR platform, which your browser sees as a Flash application. If you’re using Apple’s Safari browser, this could pose a problem.

Safari has fairly tight security settings. Apple sees Flash as a potential hole in its web-facing shield, and rightfully so, if you consider the frequency of security flaws this internet plugin has seen over the years. Although EasyRotator uses Adobe AIR, it is identified by Safari as Flash and communication between Flash and files on your computer is blocked by default. Even if you managed to install EasyRotator in the past, a new update to Safari will likely reset this block again. When you go log in to your EasyRotator-enabled WordPress site admin, you see a message telling you that you need to install the helper application, even if you’ve already installed it. No problem. Here’s how you can get around this.

First, the easiest solution is to simple use another browser that is not affected by this restriction, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. If you would rather stick to Safari, you will need to open up the Preferences window from the Safari menu (or press CMD + , ). From this window, click on the Security icon. At the bottom of that tab, you’ll see a checkbox for Internet plug-ins. This must be checked in order to allow any browser plugin to function, not just Flash or AIR, but even with it checked, Safari will still block any attempt by Flash to connect files on your computer. You need to click on the Website Settings button to bring up individual settings for installed Web plugins. Select Adobe Flash Player from the list on the left and you should see a list of currently opened websites in the pane on the right. Next to the website address you want to grant access to, click the dropdown list and select Run in Unsafe Mode. It is not sufficient to simply choose Allow or Allow Always. Those let the plugin run within the confines of the browsing session, such as viewing video on a website, but the EasyRotator WordPress plugin needs to communicate with a helper app that is installed outside of the browser. For this, you must select Run in Unsafe Mode. That might sound scary, but it only grants permission for your own website. And of course, you’re keeping your WordPress website safe with Wordfence, right? The only step left is to acknowledge your choice by clicking the Trust button in the popup dialog. Close the Safari preferences window and refresh your page, and voilà! Your EasyRotator plugin is ready to roll.

For a step-by-step visual guide, click below to download a handy PDF.

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