Making the Most of Twitter for Business

by Tunde Asaju

shutterstock_170614805We know that social media can help drive the success of your business. But how do we make the best of the experience? It is true that many businesses have a social media presence, but not all of them are making the best of what social media has to offer. The purpose of creating a social media presence is to help get your message across to your present clients and prospective ones.

Twitter hit the Internet in 2008 and today has well over half a billion users. That’s a substantial chunk of the world’s population. Every single day 135,000 new users join the trend. Twitter income generation has grown from $45 million four years ago to $405 million last year. That is a great market that businesses cannot afford to miss. 

One of the advantages of using Twitter is that it teaches you to say what you mean within a 140-character setting. This helps you narrow down your message.

The following tips will help you become a better Tweeter.

  1. Be Friendly and Be a Disciple – Don’t just follow people on Twitter, pick your friends based on how they relate to the things you do or what they care about. To have a sweet Twitter experience, follow others and retweet their tweets or comments if you have something good to say about it. The unwritten rule of tweeting is – if you find it useful, then pass it on. Before you become a leader, remember to first be a disciple. Marty McPadden, host of PodJam Tv shares the following about the power of retweeting. 
  2. How Many Times Should I Tweet? When it comes to maintaining a good presence on Twitter, consistency is the mother of conviction; so tweeting daily helps your followers keep you always in mind. But how many times should you tweet daily? And there are no straight answers, but most authors agree on three to four for starters, (minus or plus the retweets in-between). Lauren Dugan explains the benefits of this with figures to backs it up.
  3. When Should We Tweet? The answer depends on your reason for tweeting. An individual tweeter may be doing it to promote themselves, causes they believe in, to pass information round or to promote their own or their friend’s brand. On the other hand, a company does it mainly to promote its brand, product or cause. The goal a tweeter sets for themselves would determine when they should tweet. This article gives a few hints on how to do it for the best effect. 
  4. Where do Twitter ideas come from? Good question. When it comes to inspiration – the whole world is its source. But remember that people are interested in your tweets based on relevance, accuracy, timeliness, currency and topic among other things. So put these at the back of your mind while searching for inspiration. Shanon Johnson, content strategist at HubSpot shares the following hints on the topic.
  5. Hire a Social Media Management Expert. For best results, hire a social media management expert, people who have the experience of using what is out there to drive your business. There are many out there. Here’s hoping you have a profitable Tweeting experience.
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