Learning to Share: 3 Ways to Find and Show the Good Stuff Online

by Susan Murphy

shutterstock_127760120Remember Kindergarten? One of the first things we learned to do was share. Kids who shared were seen as polite, trustworthy and fun.

Flash forward to 2013, and things haven’t changed all that much. Those who share great information online are also seen as polite, trustworthy and fun. My favourite people to follow and interact with are the ones who always seem to have some interesting tidbit of information to share. But the Internet is such a noisy place! It can be a challenge to consistently find the good stuff to share with your network. Here a few secrets that the best online sharers use to find the juicy stuff and spread it through their community.

Secret Searching

Twitter is one of the best sources of great content there is. But a lot of people find Twitter to be overwhelming. It’s a constant stream of sometimes inane information. How do you find the best stuff to share? Start by searching. Did you know that Twitter has a secret page? If you go to www.twitter.com/search, you can search on any topic you like. And you don’t even need a Twitter account! Simply type in a keyword or phrase, or enter a hashtag, like #digitalmarketing or #pizza, and you’ll be presented with all kinds of interesting people and links! And, if you set up a tool like HootSuite, you can save your searches into handy columns. Next time you’re looking for some scintillating snippets to share, just launch HootSuite and you’re there!

Embrace RSS

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it allows you to subscribe to blogs and news sources online and have new content automatically delivered to you all in one place! To use RSS you need a feed reader. I recommend Feedly, which is a free tool you can use to set up a personalized magazine with all of your favourite sites. It works in a web browser, and on tablets and smart phones too. You’ll have new content filtered to your interests, popping up in an easy to read format, and it’s one click to share it to your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN. Give Feedly a try – it will change your life!

Put it in your Pocket

The way I see it, browser bookmarks are SO 2003. Sure, you can save posts you like to your Bookmarks, but after a while the list gets quite long and hard to scan through. What if there was a tool that was like a visual filing cabinet for all of your favourite pages? Where you could collect great, shareable content, so when you’re looking for something to toss out to your community, you’ve just dip in and voila! Enter Pocket. Pocket is a free tool available for web browsers (but there are also tablet, smart phone, and Mac apps too) that lets you save links you find around the web in neat categories for easy searching. Think of it as a “Read Later” list or a “Share File”. As you surf around, you can, with one click, save any web page you come across to Pocket. It automatically syncs across your devices too – so if you save a link on your iPhone it will immediately be available on your laptop and your iPad too! It’s a great way to store articles for easy sharing down the road.

So there you have it – 3 easy ways to become a better online sharer.

How do you find the great stuff to share?

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