A Brave New World

by Stacey Diffin-Lafleur

shutterstock_171400034Yes it is a brave new world … are you ready?

A lot of non-profit agencies or organizations are skint, that is they are working with minimum budgets, and maximum expectations. And, we love our jobs, it’s rewarding work and we feel good. After all, that’s why we joined our organizations isn’t it? We want to be involved in something bigger, something close to our heart.

But, with so much to do, and so little budget – the outlook can be daunting. Every donor dollar is a little more elusive every year, donors also have more choice than ever before, and we all have to stretch to make every penny, or should I now say nickel count?

It seems a lot of time we are trying to save money while doing our work, instead of doing our work, all the while confident that the money and the marketing to get it is being looked after. Effective and efficient marketing and donor stewardship – the kind that brings more money in the door, is money well spent.

The truth is that new ideas happen, new legislation is approved, brand new technology and channels for building relationships appear almost daily. And it’s here for you, to generate more funds for your cause, to bring more people into your wheelhouse, to help you make a difference in peoples’ lives.

But what if you are spending all your time with your head down trying to minimize all expenditures, and these opportunities pass you by, or become a blur because it’s all just too overwhelming. We know, because we’ve been to the meetings where we share the same problems, have long conversations but never reach solutions.

That’s when sector experts, like The Good Jester can help you lift your head and your workload, and you can peer bravely out into a new donor world.

For example, do you know about the “First Time Donor Super Tax Credit” and are you sharing it with your donors? This was introduced in 2013 and will expire in 2017. That gives you a lot of time to share this with new donors, to help them make their final decision to give, and give to your cause, which is also close to their heart. And once you get a donor, you have a relationship you can work with, hopefully for years to come.

We are trained to keep our heads up, testing and using all this new stuff, and we’re doing it for you, you simply have too much on your plate. With more than 10 years of sector experience, we understand what you’re facing. We bring you the tools that will save you time, money and make your outreach more effective. We keep you in touch with what’s happening with organizations like Imagine Canada, the Association for Fundraising Raising Professionals and NonProfit Tech for Good bringing you all the tools and resources they and other organizations have to offer.

It is a brave new world, but we are the soldiers who want to help you grasp the tools and technology you need today. Contact Stacey@JesterCreative.com today, here to help, here to share, here for you.

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